U.N. to vote on new Gaza cease-fire resolution, Israeli officials in U.S. after Rafah attack warning


Israel believes chances of cease-fire are 50/50, official tells NBC News

TEL AVIV — Israel believes the chances of a ceasefire deal in the near future are “50/50 right now,” an Israeli official told NBC News today.

The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said Israel and the U.S. were waiting on a Hamas response to a proposal hammered out in recent days in Qatar. CIA director Bill Burns attended the recent meetings in the small but wealthy Gulf nation, they said.

The official would not comment on Israeli media reports that Israel had agreed to release 700 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for around 40 hostages.

If confirmed, that would represent a softening of Israel’s position, as it had previously agreed to release around 400 prisoners in exchange for 40 hostages.


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