Tire issue reported as American Airlines Boeing 777 flight lands in L.A.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating another Boeing mishap after a tire issue was reported as an American Airlines flight landed Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

American Airlines Flight 345, which was operated on a Boeing 777 plane, landed around 8:45 p.m. local time, after it “blew a tire during take off” from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the FAA said. 

However, American Airlines said Thursday morning there was no blown tire, and the pilot had received an indication that the pressure was low in one of the aircraft’s tires.

“The aircraft taxied to the gate under its own power and customers deplaned normally,” American said.

LAX said the flight landed safely without any further incident.

Wednesday’s tire issue comes on the heels of another last week involving a Boeing plane. In that incident, a tire flew off a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 plane shortly after takeoff from San Francisco, prompting an emergency landing at LAX. 

United said at the time that the Boeing 777-200 has “six tires on each of its two main landing gear struts” and is “designed to land safely with missing or damaged tires.”

The incidents are among the latest issues involving a Boeing plane to make headlines. The aircraft manufacturing giant has been under intense scrutiny after an Alaska Airlines door panel on a Boeing 737 Max 9 plane blew out midair over Portland, Oregon, on Jan. 5. 

The incident prompted the FAA to temporarily ground all Boeing 737 Max 9 airplanes operating in the U.S. and subsequently increase oversight over Boeing aircraft production.

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