Search for Texas A&M Corpus Christi student Caleb Harris intensifies


The search intensified Tuesday for a missing Corpus Christi, Texas, college student who was last seen more than a week ago.

The mission to find Texas A&M Corpus Christi student Caleb Harris, 21, is focused on an area behind the North Padre Island apartment complex where he lives, as well as eastern and southern sections of the community, NBC affiliate WOAI of San Antonio reported.

Hundreds of people have volunteered to scour the area, and Corpus Christi Police Department officers have been joined by members of the U.S. Coast Guard as they look for Harris, the station said.

missing student
Caleb Harris.Corpus Crispi Crime Stoppers via Facebook

He vanished in the dark of the early morning hours on March 4, and his roommates failed to find him that day, police said. Family members ultimately filed a missing person’s report, they said.

Harris had his phone, which has been off, but left behind his vehicle, keys and wallet, police said.

Family members told Fox News he was in communication with them as late as 2:45 a.m. that day. He walked his dog, returned and went back outside to meet a food delivery driver, they told the network.

The delivery platform marked the order as completed, the family members told Fox News.

Police and Texas A&M Corpus Christi representatives did not immediately respond to requests for more information, though both have distributed missing person’s bulletins on Harris’ case.


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