11 best new products in February 2024: Apple, Owala and Ikea

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Top tech launches

Apple Vision Pro Headset

The Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computing headset. While wearing it, you can do most of the things you would do on a computer like browse the web, watch videos, work on documents, have video chats and more. Unlike your 2D phone or computer screen, everything inside the Vision Pro occupies a 3D space, appearing either in the real world or in entirely virtual spaces like a mountain vista or the moon’s surface.

Unlike other headsets with controllers, you control the Vision Pro using your eyes and hands. It can wirelessly connect to other Apple products like a MacBook or Magic Keyboard — you can expand your MacBook screen into the virtual space of the headset or use the keyboard as an additional input. In the box, it comes with the headset, two types of headbands, a lens cover, battery pack, charger and a polishing cloth.

Top beauty and skin care launches

Billie Body Care

In addition to new body lotions and washes, Billie’s expanded body care line includes its first deodorants, which are aluminum-free and help control odors for up to 24 hours, according to the brand. The All Day Deodorant is solid and sheer upon application, while the AHA Deodorant is a roll-on gel made with alpha hydroxy acids. The deodorants are available in multiple scents. Billie’s body lotions and washes come in four formulations, including one designed for sensitive skin and one for those looking to boost hydration.

Tower 28 LipSoftie Lip Treatment

Tower 28 is one of our favorite AAPI-owned and women-owned brands, and it just debuted fragrance-free lip balms that adhere to the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance guidelines. The LipSoftie Tinted Lip Treatment and SOS LipSoftie Rescue Lip Treatment have ingredients like shea butter and jojoba to heal sensitive, irritated lips and prevent future dryness. The tinted lip treatment comes in four sheer tints so you can wear it during the day, while the SOS treatment is clear and can serve as an overnight lip mask.

Byoma Sensitive Retinol Oil

The four latest additions to Byoma’s skin care collection are now available at Ulta and include a leave-on barrier repair treatment, milky toner, milky cleanser and retinol oil. The Barrier+ Repair Treatment has a buttery texture. It can help encourage the skin’s natural ceramide production, while the Hydrating Milky Toner and Milky Moisture Cleanser are delicate, soothing and made for sensitive skin. The Sensitive Retinol Oil (linked above) is Byoma’s first foray into the retinol space and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, uneven tone and more, according to the brand. 

Top home and kitchen launches

Owala FreeSip Twist

Many NBC Select staffers love Owala’s reusable water bottles, and its newest model offers similar features to the FreeSip, but with a twist-off lid in a slimmer shape. The FreeSip Twist is cup-holder friendly and easily fits inside bags, according to the brand. The water bottle is made with a spout that has a built-in straw, allowing you to sip from it or tilt your head back and take a swing. It’s made from stainless steel and is triple-layer insulated. The FreeSip Twist is available in 18-ounce and 24-ounce sizes.

Sunsip by Health-Ade

Health-Ade, best known for its bottled kombucha, launched a low-sugar, prebiotic sodas line. According to the brand, the sodas are made with prebiotic fibers and sweetened with fruit juice and cane sugar. Sunsip is available nationwide at Whole Foods Market or direct from the website in packs of 12 in raspberry lemonade (linked above), cherry cola, strawberry vanilla, and root beer flavors.

Algae Cooking Club Chef-Grade Algae Cooking Oil

Algae Cooking Club is a newly launched brand that makes cooking oil from the algae plant. The oil’s smoke point is 535 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than olive oil, so it’s suitable for roasting, grilling and frying food over high heat. It offers a neutral, light and slightly buttery taste and has a high concentration of Omega-9 fats, according to the brand. The oil comes in a recyclable aluminum bottle.

Ikea Daksjus Home Planting Collection

Ikea debuted a new collection of 25 planting products designed to help bring greenery into any space in the home. It includes hanging planters, plant stands with matching pots, trellis sets, glass vases and more.

Top pet and outdoor launches

Petcube GPS Tracker

This GPS tracking collar is from Petcube, makers of some of the best pet cameras. Using the Petcube app, you can see the collar’s live location on a map. You can set up safe and no-go zones and the app will notify you when your pet enters or exits them. The tracker has up to 30 days of battery life, and it’s made of a glow-in-the-dark silicon case that’s IP67 dust and water-resistant, according to the brand. A subscription is required to use the tracker — the Basic subscription is $12 a month, less if paid annually.

Priority Eight Bike

Priority Bicycles makes one of our favorite commuter bikes. This hybrid bike is billed as your one do-it-all bike, fit for cruising, commuting and fitness, according to the brand. It has a clean, weather-resistant belt instead of a typical bike chain, and all the usual cogs and gears are housed internally in a hub in the rear wheel, keeping potentially dirty components away from your clothes and nasty weather. The bike weighs 27 pounds and has eight-speed trigger shifting.

Current Backyard Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill

One of our favorite products from CES is a full-size outdoor electric grill that reaches temperatures up to 700 degrees, far hotter than any gas grill I’ve ever used. You can control the left and right cooking zones independently of each other using the dials on the front panel.  You can also connect the grill to Wi-Fi, monitoring and controlling the temperature remotely from your phone. 

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